By: Colleen Lyle & Joey Grimm

Why You Need A Realtor Before You Are Ready To Buy A Home?

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Working With An Ottawa Realtor

A good relationship between a real estate investor and his or her agent is like a marriage. It will work best if both parties are in it for the long haul and are willing to weather the market’s ups and downs. The same holds true for non-investors who are only interested in buying and selling their own homes. The more an agent knows about a client’s goals, personality, likes and dislikes, the better equipped they are to serve that client. Investors and homeowners both need an agent who has their best interest in mind.
Armed with that understanding, it makes sense to seek out an experienced Realtor and cultivate a strong working relationship even before you dip a toe in the real estate market. In our business, time spent getting to know a client is time well spent. This way, when the client is ready to make a move, I am already familiar with their wants, needs and goals. It is also important to know in advance of starting a property search that you are comfortable working and spending time together. Just like in a marriage or any long-term relationship, you need to know that you are compatible.
In choosing a Realtor to work with, it is important to think ahead with the understanding that time changes everything. Neighbourhoods change, markets fluctuate, families grow and shrink in size and, sadly, some relationships fizzle and dissolve. Your housing needs are bound to change according to the circumstances of your life. Like a trusted old family friend, having earned your trust before you bought your first house, a good Realtor will be there to lend support and expertise to guide you through the journey.
From our perspective, as real estate professionals, there is no greater feeling than the satisfaction that comes from seeing someone buy their first property and then upgrade a few years later to a larger home or move on to become a bona fide investor with a profitable portfolio.

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